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Don't you think that this bank officer
is an exception in the crowd?

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While waiting at a Bank Officer’s desk, I saw a lanky old man walking in with his need to open a S/B Account to present a Government cheque expiring soon; that he received in his honor as a soldier of Indian National Army (founded by Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose). He presented his old school certificates to reveal his identity and honestly told him that the Account is limited to a one-time transaction only. In the normal way any Bank Officer of the present genre would have him driven out. But this officer patiently heard him, asked details and handed over an application form and asked one of his assistants to help him in filling the application. I was deeply moved when wiping out his tears the officer asked me to observe the plight of freedom fighters who live unrecognized while we enjoy the fruits of freedom. I did not remain there long, but I am sure the poor old man got his job done and that too with deserving honour. Please say a few words on what you think of him?

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1. You were given a gift that day. You were allowed to see how different the world could be if people treated other people as they would like to be treated. Don't throw this gift away. Pass it on, and do something kind for another when you are given the opportunity. And thank you for sharing this story with us.

2. Mostly,people are still kind and helpful ... and I'm glad this old gentleman happened to meet such a person. Thank you for sharing this moment, it was beautiful.


1. We don’t need a crowd to create sufficient positive energies to run a society.... a few are more than enough and that bank manager was certainly one of those Rishis.

Thanks for sharing ... it confirmed my belief in God and his angels

We all should follow his example (& I don’t think many will know what you wished to convey)

2. Mostly, people are still kind and helpful ... and I'm glad this old gentleman happened to meet such a person. Thank you for sharing this moment, it was beautiful.

3. Bravo for the bank officer with a heart! Too often they hide behind "that's not our policy."

4. It is an example of still the humanity is present in the world. I can react by doing nothing but following his attitude.

5. The Bank Officer has given excellent customer service. I hope others also will emulate him, so that this becomes the normal trend not only in the Banking industry but in other fields also. My heartfelt appreciation to the concerned Officer and also to you for highlighting it. Thanks

6. The bank officer was doing his job, which most employees fail to do these days.

7. Most of us want to work sincerely. This gives us job satisfaction, but sometimes we don’t have time to listen to the whole story of old men. It’s very, very sad. I wish we learned to respect older generation and give them sometime even if we have to work little extra in lunchtime or teatime. I have seen some good bank officers and some careless chaps too. What is most annoying is that if we ask them on phone for information. They say “come here we will get your job done immediately and when we go there they scold us saying that we had to get this that. (Photo ID, etc),” A surprise!
Sometimes they say we shouldn’t be disturbing them at lunchtime, (working hours are written as 10 am -3 pm, No lunch break etc). We also get time during our lunch break & go to our nearest banks where our paychecks are given

8. My salute to the rare bank officer!

9. Cheers to him and to you for recognizing true honor and kindness. And if you and others pass on in actions what this bank officer started, who knows how much better someone's life will be.

10. I am too moved! Such person's achieving their goal does not get halted, and even they are defeated at some juncture, because of presence of useless & unsocial elements at most of the places, they retrieve the good out of defeat too.

Such quality of a few personnel you find at every place and in the concerns, because of their belongingness to their orgnisation and to the humanity, the truth & honesty in the Society are in existence.

I pray! God bless such personnel long, healthy and energetic life, so that asset of truth & honesty in society could place its' roots deeply

11. Most of the official in all government office and other public related office like bank etc. does their work very sincerely like this bank officer.
But the public does not understand there are so many instructions, guidances, circulars and laws to control their work.
If they insist to fill the condition, public are hasten to judge them as rude and non-cooperative.It is our country and we work not only for salary and job satisfaction but it is our duty too to do the best for our country. As a retired government officer I salute the bank officer for his conscience.

12. My SALUTE to the bank officer. They are the few who has prevented the collapse of our present selfish society. I am very, very grateful to you for bringing this into notice. We must reward that officer and to you also for having this nice feeling. God bless you.

13. Help such persons as and when necessary and honour them when they meet. But they should not make capital out of each every now and then.

14. On occasions we should honour and help, as required but how long one should make capital out of it?

15. He is very much appreciable and also it’s his duty because we are having the fruit of their hard work for achieving us freedom. Anyhow I applaud the bank officer.

16. I appreciate any help to any infirm person. If the officer was rough (may be he was busy) what is it you are expected to do? Can you help? I know most of us close our eyes for such injustices. Always talk politely to old and sick people. Freedom fighters are a class by themselves

17. Some behavior /culture/custom comes from family, some handed down from age to age. Hence realizing and solving the need of others comes under the banner of humanity and the person /concerned with welfare /engaged in this should be designated as humanitarian.

18. Hats off to this great human being

19. Deeply touched and deeply moved by the respect shown by the gentleman. It follows the "random acts of kindness" concept in some ways. Doesn't it.
20. I appreciate the good and fine conduct of the bank officer. We need such people today!
21. If I as bank officer I would have done same. It is not because I am a good person, but because Mr. Sethuramalingam commanded that care and respect. I do not blame government much as our whole society has became uncaring.
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1. I would describe the Bank Officer as the most civilized person. In this era of fast pace and market-management plus running after green dollars only, he acted exactly as a person who values the ethics in first place. I see him in two roles; both are commendable and therefore praiseworthy. In first place, he respected the customer's old age and provided all kind of help, as he would have done in normal course of his workings. However, what struck me most when he came to know who was the old man, and what kind of his contribution to the Mother India, and instantly his reactions were notable, because he (the bank officer, I mean) was not an ordinary kind of Bank officer, but he did know who was Nethaji Bose and what was his contribution to freedom struggle.

2. I would say that he just showed respect towards an elderly person which is part of Indian culture

3. There was no nobility involved. The officer has a job to do and he did it with extreme professionalism and courtesy.

4. At first let me tell you one thing. Nowadays targets are set for each employee in a bank and we can expect same kind of behavior to a new customer who is willing to open an account
2nd here what you have mentioned is related to an old man, obviously as a citizen we should respect a senior citizen and the bank officer also gave the same respect every Indian citizen should do......hats off to the bank officer

5. Higly "professional"

6. He knows the importance of history and has the sense of acting according to the situation.. Knows how, when and where to behave in what manner?


1. I appreciate the good and fine conduct of the bank officer. We need such people today

2. If I was a bank officer I would have done the same thing. It is not because I am a good person, but because Mr. Sethuramalingam commanded that care and respect. I do not blame government much as our whole society has became uncaring

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Can castration be an effective deterrent
against rape and child sexual abuse?


The unrestrained sexual vulgarity promoted by cash-hungry Television channels accounts for progressive instances of rape and sexual abuses most of which go unreported due to social pressure and criminals’ threats. Even infants are sexually abused and killed. News Media reports many such cases. Mahatma Gandhi said India would be considered free only when its women folk could walk alone at midnight unharmed. If this is the criterion India is still not free. Even in daylight and in crowds and at home and work places women move and live in fear of either being molested or raped in seclusion. Many violators also enjoy political protection and some live under the shelter of criminals. Two ministers of the Kerala Cabinet – Kerala is an Indian State - under the successive regimes of Congress and Communism had to leave post on sexual abuse charges. A heinous crime calls for a deterrent punishment. Can castration of the abused human tool be an effective deterrent?

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Castration might help reduce the urges, but it does not eliminate the problem. Castration only removes the glands, not the part that is used to do the raping. People who have had castration done can take male hormones and be just as harmful as before. In addition, not all male sexual abusers use their male parts in their crimes. They may use objects.

It might have some deterrent effect for those who are temped in this direction, particularly if a penectomy is performed along with the castration. "If you abuse with it you lose it!"


1. It’s cruel and unusual

2. I'd say so.

Oh, CASTRATION can deter a lot of things.

Even if it's not a deterrent, anyone who is castrated is 100% guaranteed not to repeat that crime. Unless, of course, that crime is lying around.

Is it the best punishment? That's a different kettle of fish.

Although, I've always been in favor of not allowing anyone to commit more than three crimes. If you commit that many crimes, then decapitation could be a viable option, as you simply do not play well with others. For some crimes, you might not even get three strikes

3. And rape and abuse aren't about sex. It is about power. So, no, it wouldn't help, unless the drop in testosterone mellowed them out.

4. Unfortunately I think the justice system in the US is too tolerant towards cases like those and capital punishment should be considered.

We are now facing a new secular generation of gunmen and sexual predators and our justice system needs to adapt accordingly, or we're going to have overflowing prisons and loads of sexual predators on the streets

5. Not practical; Hitler failed

6. In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful.
Brother, Most of The Religions, cultures and societies of today have become EVIL because they are not addressing the
problems facing the masses but rather they are just Aiding
and abetting evil concepts for power and worldly gains. We on the other out of loyalty to our countries and religions, just
murmur a few objections, yet hang on to the bandwagon for
fear of rejection in fighting against the truth.
Today religions and democracies are for the people , by the
people and of the people in the true sense. Government and
religious heads stay in power by agreeing to the evil demands of society. Adultery, rape, nudism, alcohol,
homosexuality, gay marriages, lesbianism are all allowed in the name of democracy and secularism so much so that today if you speak against such vices you can get sued in the
bargain .The entire process needs a revamp and the answers
to all of these problems lies in Isalm.

Today Islam is the only Religion that not only has the solutions
to the problems of mankind but shows you a practical way of
how to achieve it. Islam is built on the commandments of Allah
our creator and He the almighty knows best how to handle his
creation. Islam is a practical way of life that stands for
RIGHTS and LIMITATIONS! Islam first goes after the root
causes of evil and then finally prescribes swift and permanent action that has a telling effect on society.

The Greatest success for mankind in this world and in the hereafter is to worship the one God our creator and submit
ourselves to him in the way that he the almighty has prescribed to us through his messengers and prophets and
through the books of revelation. No Human can have true faith
in his heart unless he loves Allah and his messenger Muhammad [ pbuh] above all else and obey the Commands of Allah the almighty and Follow the ways of the Prophet
Muhammad [pbuh}.

Islam Has totally forbidden Alcohol one of the Greatest and the root cause of all the evils of society. One will find that most
of the crimes like rape, molestation, incest , adultery, Murders
etc. have been committed under the influence of Alcohol.
under the Islamic law severe punishment is meted out
towards Alcohol and Drugs .That is why in Muslim countries
which implement the Islamic Shari'ah the crime rate is negligible.

To prevent Rape and molestation of women Islam prescribes
the death penalty. People of double standards call this a very
harsh punishment as long as it involves someone elses
child or daughter, of wife or sister but if it involves some one
whom they love then they would like to put the criminal to
death with their own hands! Why these Double standards?
But first Islam offers the solution leading to the ultimatum.
Islam prohibits the unnecessary mixing of the opposite sexes, It
advices the Men to lower their Gaze and not to keep staring at women and dress up in a permissible manner. Islam advices the women not to mix with unknown men, to cover
their beauty by dressing up moderately, covering what needs
to be covered and only leaving open that what is necessary
like the face , and hands. Islam prescribes severe lashing for the single men and women who commit Adultery and the death
sentence for married people who commit Adultery. So when
you implement these strict Islamic laws in any country you will
get immediate results. That is why you will find in countries that
implement The Islamic law women and children can walk about
at any part of the night alone and no one will dare to approach them.
Mahatma Gandhi also said that India can be successful on all
levels if it had a man of the caliber of the second kalifa of Islam Umar Ibn Khatab [pbuh] to rule over it.
My friend only the worship of One God and adhering to his
religion of Islam will bring peace and happiness in this world
and in the next,


Holy Quran, Ways of the Prophet[pbuh]


9. You are asking to punish only the end result or in other words the "effect". But in the " cause and effect" series both are to be tackled to get the desired effect.

Causes:- Media primarily cinema, lack of character, tolerance in the admission of bad things . Effects:- abuses

10. It sure would make the victim feel better.

11. I would be totally for that but it wouldn't change what is in their head. I look at this situation with John Evander Cooey and what he did with Jessica Lunsford. I think I would want to stop him at the point where he thought that having sex with a kid would be all right. I wish he had gotten some kind of help and monitoring the first time he ever tried to attack a child. Sure he was high but didn't he ever for a minute think, "I messed up! I've got to send this girl out of here and clean up and run away. He threw her away and didn't look over his shoulder. Her suffering was just too bad. He decided that if it were to be her or him to be rescued, it would him that was to be saved. I wish he could suffer the way she did.

There are so many child abusers in the system that have been in treatment for years and have never apologized for their crime. It would be hard to believe an abuser if he did apologize because these people are such good manipulators.

Any sort of rape is usually a sign of someone who feels insecure and wants to have power over someone weaker. Child abusers also have an element of being attracted to children sexually. I think that's got to be a sign that they were also abused. Otherwise, they're just wired wrong.

12. If cutting off the offending organ would change the guy's mindset, I'm all for that. Is there any way to know that they wouldn't find other ways to do harm? Maybe they'd be even more violent if they felt like it was unfair.

Can you get the offender to admit he did something wrong in the first place? There are too many people that either only apologize to save face or are in denial. Look how quick child abuse can turn into murder to cover up the crime?!!! This is more serious than people realize! When is it ever over for them? Can you trust them not to reoffend even if they say they won't? Castration would come close to proof. Maybe you could swing a deal that if they get castrated, then they're off the hook. Still a gamble

13. No. The lust of the flesh will override any fear of punishment that is imposed, no matter how harsh it is. Sexual immorality is a mental illness, and punishment is never a deterrent to the mentally ill because they see themselves as beyond the law's ability to touch them. The only effective way to deal with the problem is to eliminate from society the 'triggers' that set off the mentally ill, such as the visual aids of TV, movies, videos, DVDs, pornography and the like. Also, these people need to be identified and given appropriate counseling and medical treatment. Spiritual counseling is of primary importance because this is a spiritual problem more than a physical one. Spiritual counseling alone, however, is not enough unless the spiritual counselor is also a psychiatrist. I am not saying that Christian counseling is the only way, for I do believe that there are sound counselors of all faiths that can be of great help in this area. After all, sexual misconduct is a worldwide problem and transcends all societies and religions

14. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME (castration)

15. My answer is NO, but please read below.

1) I don't understand why you are focused on India regarding this global problem.

2) Castration makes you permanently dead, the other makes you permanently unable to use your male genitalia (at least without some kind of implant!)

3) Crimes like rape are often confused with crimes of sexual passion. This is very often not the case. Such crimes have more to do with the need to humiliate, subjugate or otherwise feel powerful over somebody the offender has rendered powerless.

So my answer is NO. Castration will not prevent rape or child sexual abuse. Rape isn't always performed with one's genitalia but with other objects and child sexual abuse has too many disheartening forms to go into here (or anywhere, except possibly court.)

16. It doesn't work. Rape and molestation are crimes of anger. Castration is not a valid deterrent, as the rapist will simply find some other way to hurt a person sexually.

17. Rape involves more than sexual drive. It's about anger, power, and control.

18. I think it would be a good deterrent; lets start some legislation in this direction. After one conviction that person will never rape again. I am all for this... only how would we separate those who are truly guilty from those that are wrongly accused?

19. While castration is a very efficient way to prevent rape and child sexual abuse, it's only effective due to the psychological effects. It will not stop it, we still have fingers and foreign object we can obtain to conduct rape/sexual abuse. Sadly enough, castration isn't enough.

There are people now (men and women) who hold obsession in being a Eunuch. After castration, they'd tan and harden the penis so that it may still be used, just detached. You never know a day what people can do, but I hope this helps to answer your question.

20. No unless you also cut off their hands and tongues

21. Dear Sir, ur question speak the pain of ur heart , which u have. Sex is natural call, but it is controlled by mind. When the mind is kept occupied with KAAM, such things like rape will remain happen. Yes I agree that stringent punishment must be introduced. In Muslim countries I have heard that male organ is cut off, when the charge of rape is proved in Islamic Court. Further I believe that such things are happening due to unwanted coverage given by electronic media for exposing the female beauty.
The other factor is easily available pornographic material in market and open exposure by females and children in school dresses. All these things excites man's lust of sex. Either we should allow free sex or should switch to our Indian moral values not in between, which is at present.

22. So what is your point, you mean to say that there is a beast inside everyman, which is waiting for the slightest sign from a girl???
and i think that punishment will definitely work out in India .But i dono hw far it ll be successful in other countries considering that they use other objects!!!

23. It may not work fully but it is a sure fire deterrent for rape and child abuse. Rape occurs in a fit of frenzy and to wreak vengeance. Mostly, it is not planned. So using other instruments and articles do not often occur. Proving a rape is a big debatable question as there are hardly any eyewitnesses present. Only physical evidence, if collected within a reasonable amount of time, stands the scrutiny of a court of law, which doesn't happen often. Unless the criminal is caught red-handed, it cannot be proved immediately. At least on such occasions, castration, including removal of organ will deter the criminal mind

24. Good suggestion! but it would work only to certain extent, and will not eradicate the sexual abuse completely from society. To eradicate this if not impossible, it is really a very much difficult task ahead in our society.

In my thesis to move towards civilisation we surrendered our this natural duty (I would never say it a right, I opined only three rights, 'food, cloth & shelter' rest all are duties) to society to regulate it to lead balanced living. This, after strenuous researches, had been brought within the circle of relation as husband & wife. Yet this natural right remained as being enjoyed through other methods by mighties, ignoring social obligations, however behind the screen, which exists in our society to day also.

In my opinion the abuse is the contribution by both 'male & female' by not abiding to restrictions set in society, be it clothing of ladies or freely meetings of male &female.

The sexual activities are the result of intuition which starts working from, coming nearer of male & female, by means of sensing contact & exposure of sexual organs of body (mostly of female & not of male in 99.9999999% cases).

In the process of civilisation we had in-circled this activity under privacy, and by clothing females in befitting cloths to cover sexual organs baring exposure, by restricting vulgarity in entertainment, holiness in educating institutions and many more things bringing under the ambit of social disciplined boundaries. To day these social boundaries are crossed beyond far, females are free to expose to the end (not only in commerce but even to look distinct knowing the result of it), boys & girls are not social without opposite gender friend, what more to say! The stream is flowing very fast and though not impossible but much difficult to hold this sexual abuses without dedicated efforts of top heads in each field of society, be it family / village /block / district / state / nation / religion / politics / business / entertainment / education and in all.

24. NO as it is a compulsion that comes out of the mind

25. No, spiritual literacy to be imparted and morals made mandatory


How do you define Christianity and how do you identify a true Christian by qualities?

More on this question: -

You may differ; but the fact is that most Christians carry only labels of Christianity. Abusing other religions is their forte believing that it will please our Lord. Getting intemperate and wild when Christianity is discussed on its merits and demerits in practice are other traits of some Christians. Tolerance that is the most essential quality in practising religion is another missing concept. Many promoting factors and practices are purely nonsensical and laughable to enlightened true Christians. Your response may perhaps open the eyes of many who reside in the well.

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I am not a Christian and I am not religious, but I think Jimmy Carter, the former president, is a great example of someone who calls himself a Christian and lives by its ideals.


1. Christianity is a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God Almighty.

1. Jesus tells us that we will know them by "their fruit"
Are they bearing fruit?
John 15:2
He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

See the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5

2. To me, a Christian is someone who reveres Jesus Christ as the son of the Christian God and follow his teachings. True Christians would want to follow in the footsteps of the Christ and take up professions such as teachers, healers. They would live their lives by example and display the properties of kindness and mercy that the Christ displayed. They would feed the homeless, comfort the needy and help the fallen.

The people who do these things can call themselves Christians and know that people will agree. Shouting at other religions about how great your god is isn't going to convince anybody. Showing us what it means to be a Christian might.

Who says tolerance is the most essential quality??? I see plenty examples of Jesus being intolerant. He did not put up with religious nonsense

3. In a nutshell, that is the belief of Christianity. Christianity is unique among all other faiths, because Christianity is more about a relationship, rather than religious practice. Instead of adhering to a list of “dos and don’ts,” the goal of a Christian is to cultivate a close walk with God the Father. That relationship is made possible because of the work of Jesus Christ, and the ministry in the life of the Christian by the Holy Spirit.
A true Christian is a person who has put his or her faith and trust in the person of Jesus Christ and fact that He died on the cross as payment for sins and rose again on the third day to obtain victory over death and to give eternal life to all who believe in Him. John 1:12 tells us: “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.” A true Christian is indeed a child of God, a part of God’s true family, and one who has been given new life in Christ. The mark of a true Christian is love for others and obedience to God’s Word (1 John 2:4; 1 John 2:10).

4. Quite a few have commented that Christianity is a walk with Jesus. Yes, it is a way of life. Not rituals and practices and norms. It is a fellowship with Jesus. Grow in life along with Jesus. When Jesus lives and works through a Christian, the fruits of Spirit, as mentioned in Galations 5:22 will be exhibited and they will vouch for you being a Christian. Christian names and memberships etc will not make one a Christian. Only following the footsteps of the Lord will make one a Christian.

5. I am not Christian but I respect all religions. The truth is one get labelled as Christians etc in the families a child is born into. As per the family customs, belief child grows up and by observing etc follows his religion.
There are many persons who in spite of being non Christian they read about Christianity. Even though they may not visit church. Same are the cases of foreigners who are curious about Hinduism and start reading more about the books of Hinduism.
The famous - 10 Commandments are clear to enough to explain what the persons who follow and not. Thou shall not Kill ... Thou means You .
In those times Thou was known better. In each ages language pattern changes.
Persons who had understood 10 commandments clearly is enough .
Not just by reading but by practising too in daily lives. For common people 10 commandments are enough to understand and follow rather than going into high level books which only researchers can understand.

6. I am not a Christian nor am I the advocate, but the truth is that there are good Christians (few in number) and not so good Christians (very many). However, this is obtained in all religions, indeed in all walks of life.


Is India’s caste based reservation system fair and purposeful in its objective and implementation?

Do you believe that with caste based reservation (1) the Government sincerely wants to help the deprived in the society with equal opportunities or is it conceived as a web to catch votes from the backward classes (2) the well placed corner the entire benefits of the quota system at the expense of the down trodden in each caste and (3) if the answer is yes do you see an end to the reservation system in India for generations ahead? Don't you think that the brilliant among the poor alone should merit reservation in professional institutions and caste distinction should be consigned to the garbage bin soon?

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No it's an old system that needs to grow up. When I was in India a lot of the Indians I talked to thought the system should go away


1. This is a great question! From what I know about India, the caste system is really a holdover from British colonial rule, and God knows the imperial British were obsessed with the class structure to begin with.

What is really striking, I think, is that aspects of the class system have endured as long as they have and that leads me to believe that in a democracy which strives for a transparent and liberalized participation process (as India undoubtedly does) -- there is still a clear sense of inequality across ethnic lines. In other words, if they’re still holding onto it, they must still believe in it. I think its too easy to blame the elites for maintaining that kind of control; on some level the people still accept it and endure it, for all its base flaws

2. Who can judge a person or government's true motive? Even if they may be wanting votes of the poor masses and lower castes....if it ends up making the playing field more "even" with education and job opportunities...then doesn't that justify it?

3. Yeah! India's caste based reservation system is very and purposeful for the politicians. But not for the general public. In it's implementation it totally met it's objective. The main objective of India's caste based reservation system is to split Indians into several thousand groups so that the politicians can make these groups fight among selves and there politicians can rule us and fool us. In this aspect Britishers were far better than Congresswalahs. They divided into only two groups Muslims and Hindus but our great Congresswalahs starting from Nehru to Man Mohan Singh have divided and are still in the process of dividing us further more so that they can hang to power. Yeah you're right caste distinction should be consigned to the garbage bin soon? But who does it? When you go the polling booth your also vote for your caste person not to the qualified person. Am I right?

4. Reservation cannot be based on caste due to following logic

1. Caste cannot be the basis of poverty. Had this been true there would no poor other than Hindu society.
2. Caste system only prevails in Hindus so indirectly the government is favouring Hindus.
3. Indian constitution gives equal chances to all, but the caste-based reservation pulls apart some people other than other.
4. It is no other than a political stunt because if 100% jobs are reserved still government may not be possible to give job to each youth of reserved category

5. My friend, caste based reservation system was only introduced as a open cheque book in the vote bank. That was the only objective, the only purpose. The politicians has been very successful in its implementation and would like the reservation to be extended to a wider spectrum so that there are enough votes to sustain the politicians.

India will never be a casteless system so long as there are politicians of the present caliber

6. There should not be any reservation in the country the studies should be based on the merit only

7. No, it is an unproductive establishment as it fails to address the basic problem of lack of Primary Education

8. Actually caste based reservation is fair because from the time of yore, poor have been exploited by the rich. At least now their descendents should have reservation to reach higher strata of society. Economic parameter shouldn’t be criteria, reservation should be the basis of admission into higher courses. The implementation of Reservation Policy by the Government is political stunt to attract votes from the public.

9. Its totally irrelevant in today’s times.
The constitution was drafted almost 60yrs ago ....... when the need was there .
Nowadays, people misuse it and its serving no purpose except rampant corruption.
It high time our people did away with the terms and drafted a new constitution altogether as per the changing times.
I’m sure u too will agree !!!!!!!!!!! Right

10. First let us define talent, brilliancy, meritocracy in the context of Indian Hindus. Over the years the varna by profession has been converted to castes by birth. And by this conversion most stupid by the societal parameters had been considered to be Brahmin etc. the feudalistic attitude to corner the wealth is still intact. State is protecting interest of this self employed so called intelligentsia ( upper castes by birth). Today the military, the upper echelon of bureaucracy, the Para-military are the most casteist elite group, overzealous to protect their ill-gotten wealth by hook or crook. The 15 percent of the upper castes are enjoying the reservation of 50 percent of all the jobs. Their son and daughters are having a ball of a time with 50 percent quota for the 15 percent population. Look at the private sector - they have only sweepers or laborours from the lower castes as if all merits are shoved into upper castes . Nobody is born brilliant. It’s a misnomer. Prince became king not because he was brilliant but because he was prince by birth. Ask the people in media why their host and hostesses belong to upper castes by default. Merit - my foot. The BC and OBCs are awakening. It is time reservation is extended to judiciary, armed forces, all so called elite institutions and even sports especially cricket where lakhpathies/crorepathies are made by playing one match. It is time BC and OBC s are extended reservations in all sphere of life including in private companies. We have seen enough of the so called merits. We have scientists who can only copy and that too very poorly. We have bureaucracy at top echelon pervaded by the upper castes amassing wealth for themselves. We have shankaracharyas, acharyas, dharmacharyas, sadhu and sants doubling as murderers, defrauders. It's enough. We have lost our patience. It's the majority amongst Hindus who are being deprived of their legitimate share of the wealth.we will take over all temple trusts, all temple lands , all trusts and mistrusts . the supreme of NRI ( India ) must reconcile. It's exposed. It's bias towards upper castes is obvious. Any anti-reservation agitation hyped by the casteist media both print and electronics ( most of the owners are upper castes ) will be crushed permanently.We don't need a raja of manda or a prince of churhat to get our due . It's the beginning of another freedom struggle which will transfer power from the upper castes to BC/OBCs. Be prepared to loose and leave the land if you wish to.

11. It is a discriminatory system as realised by Mayavati who changed her music suitably

12. No! It is not fair and purposeful in its objective! And its implementation in present political scenario is not at all feasible.
13. Not Govt. but all the political parties are only interested in vote and also creamy lair of the reserved casts fetch 99.99% benefit of the reservation, as 99.99% of down trodden doesn't reach +2 stander, and therefore how can they be benefited with it.
Further I am sure one day the reservation would be done away from what it is in shape to day.
I had answered the similar questions, on reservation & education system, you may refer however one line here to write: "after +2 for further bachelor & master studies only deserving scholar be admitted and out of them who ever is not capable to pay fee their study cost be funded by Govt. this would easily be ascertainable in school itself.

14. Caste based reservation isn’t helping anyone except politicians. Agree completely on this.

What is needed is very good educational infrastructure that ensures all people get good education. All references to caste should be removed from everywhere. This is a sure shot way of eliminating caste and religious differences in India and the effects will be seen within a decade.

15. 1) Yes, Government is sincere in helping the deprived class.
(2) The reservations are given for the social equality and economic ups and downs have no place because a) rich or poor low caste is not treated as social equals and b) poverty is not a sigma but his caste is always.
(3) Low castes were suppressed thousands of years. Hence for them to be equal with others it may take some time. How much time depends on two aspects; one is at what fast rate upper class wither away their holy of the holiest attitude and accept them along with governmental assistances to low castes and second is at what fast rate these downtrodden reach at least 60% of development in every field.
If both can happen tomorrow, there will be no reservations of any kind from day after tomorrow. Unfortunately, if it will take generation after generations, it has to prolong till desired results are seen and after another generation, reservations can be stopped.
Being the affected, and with largest majority in a democratic country they will decide what is right to them; others have to simply obey.

16. A burning question, all right. Back in the 1940's Gandhiji pleaded the nation to unite and not to get divided based on caste and religion. But now 60 years later, the government has embarked on a clear mission to divide and dilute India based on caste. It is evident from the way the government files petition after petition in the Supreme Court, without carrying out any rectification, that the move to implement reservation in educational institutions for the OBC's , is to capture votes and not to really help those people. This move will make those people more backward and deprive them of their existing benefits. Without proper population statistics and information regarding the creamy layer, any form of reservation will go to the hands of the privileged and not to the backward people. The intention is not to be blamed but the path on which the mission is embarking is to be blamed, as Gandhiji rightly says, "The means are as important as the end
17. If a sound education policy and elimination of caste references had been followed since Independence Indian society would have been today free of any caste or religious differences


Please suggest means and measures to cultivate/enforce living values and discipline at home?
More about this question:

A loving and healthy home is where love, character, commitment and discipline exist. To my thinking all these are progressively on the wane. Besides all types of addiction too have taken over most in the community, particularly the young among us. In this light what are your suggestions/advices to prevent such calamity spreading over ruining family life and values? Along with me more readers will benefit by your advice

Best Answer - Chosen By Voters

The family needs to have a solid structure. Jehovah's Witnesses find that the loving headship principle in the Bible provides this:

"A husband is head of his wife as the Christ also is head of the congregation, he being a savior of [this] body." (Eph 5:23)

“Husbands, continue loving your wives.” (Eph. 5:25)

“Fathers, do not be irritating your children, but go on bringing them up in the discipline & authoritative advice of Jehovah.” (Eph. 6:4)

"These words that I am commanding you today must prove to be on your heart; and you must inculcate them in your son and speak of them when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road and when you lie down and when you get up. " --Deuteronomy 6:6,7

"Husbands ought to be loving their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself, for no man ever hated his own flesh; but he feeds and cherishes it, as the Christ also does the congregation,." (Eph 5:28-29)

Family Life That Pleases God :
1 What is the husband's position in the family?
2 How should a husband treat his wife?
3 What responsibilities does a father have?
4 What is the wife's role in the family?
5 What does God require of parents and of children?
6 What is the Bible's view of separation and 7 divorce?

Spend Time With Your Family!
- The Communication Gap
- Help From God's Word

Protect Your Children!
- Your Child Is in Danger!
- How Can We Protect Our Children?
- Prevention in the Home
- Common Misconceptions
- If Your Child Is Abused

Child Molesting---You Can Protect Your Child
- The First Line of Defense
- Talk to Your Child About the Danger
- Follow Their Instincts
- How Can We Tell Them?
- The "What if ... ?" Game
- Give Them the Words
- Be Alert Yet Balanced

Drug Abuse in the Family--What Can You Do? :
- Young People and Drugs
- How to Protect Your Children
- Soon---A Drug-Free World!

Drug Abuse:
- Who Abuses Them?
- Why do They?
- The Solution to Drug Abuse

The Family Under Threat---Will It Survive?

2006 Report
Jehovah's Witnesses Worldwide


1. Get away from the mad, mad, mad, cities, seek nature.

2. Dear Friend,
I appreciate your feelings and thoughts. Yes, it is true that now-a-days youngsters are losing moral values and principles to be followed in one's life. To prevent such calamities, elderly people should provide good environment for the youngsters. For the purpose, they have to correct their own mistakes in their lives and become a role model for the younger generation. But, there are also many youngsters who are attaining good personality with the influence of many prominent persons they have come across. Today, there are lots of good books, cassettes, and even good friends to get with. First of all, the youth should learn to behave in a society. Spiritual knowledge and understanding is very essential for everyone. There is no age group for learning spiritual teachings. It is better to start at a very young age. The younger the age to start with, the better the understanding. Anyway, there are so many Spiritual Masters in the world from whom we all need to seek blessings

3. Strengthen the family system.
People needed to be educated on the importance of value system in preference to the purely monetary conditions taking precedence in importance.
Children should be discouraged from wasting their time in idling in front of the idiot box. Encourage to inculcate such healthy practices like yoga, meditation, and prayer.

4. Practice what you Preach

5. One has to make certain rules! Of course every rule has an exception too! Make maximum togetherness of all available family members at one fix time DAILY FOR AT LEAST HALF AN HOUR! Try to ask suggestive AND OBJECTIVE questions and answers in between them! No one should be left without speaking anything ! Ask what they have done good or bad or average for that day! Always enhance all creative or pleasurable activity with family members ! Try FREE and FRANK communications between all the members irrespective of their age sex income education etc should be kept apart for this daily meeting! ONLY LOVE AND RESPECT should be observed and there should be one final authority usually eldest or who is very smart and active among the family! Ask and teach all juniors not to hide any thing from any one and try to get help for their own individual problems if any! Let all in the Family sit at one place every day for Prayer at least! The authority or main or leader or elder one in the family should see that not a single person is displeased or hurt! There should be always LOVE and RESPECT WITH SYMPATHY God bless you !


Harvesting of souls through conversion! Why? For What? What is the Agent’s reward? Where he/she gets it?

More on this question: -

Brain-washed Missionaries roam around in developing countries with an eye to convert the distressed offering relief, reward, service and other benefits with an eye on converting them to their fold. What do you feel about it? Should not nations that take pride in its heritage ban conversion unless it was an act solidly based on genuine faith? Why not Immigration laws be made applicable in conversion too? A religion you are born is your mother? Should one disown one's mother and search for others on brain-fed falsehood?

Best Answer - Chosen By Voters

Religion is not mother but way of life, a path to attain objectives set by our Creator. Showing alternate path (teachings of new religion) which may appear easy to a person to attain the same common objective is an goodly act and not a sin. Please have a faith that there is only One God.


1. oooh scary....maybe we all should lock ourselves in our rooms and never come out!

2. This a very deep question. I think you might be over thinking this. It is not the same as standing on the border of the USA and Mexico. Do you belong to both countries because you are standing with one foot in each one? Of course not! I say let's be a little more flexible. You're trying too hard.

3. Well, yes. Missionaries have been committing cultural genocide for centuries now. Religious missionaries are just another group of people trying to get their way in the world; it's a war really. What do they get? They get to spread their virus, like "invasion of the body snatchers."

5. James 5 v 19 Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; 20Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

6. Wouldn't it be nice if Bush and Cheney the "professed converted Christians" would be converted and stop the sin of murdering and stealing.

7. If anyone really want to do something for people, he should empower the people spiritually and not buy their beliefs/religion in exchange of bread.
Why people promote/spread a particular religion? They are not helping humanity at all. They are enslaving them.

8. You have some interesting filters on the glasses through which you view the world. Faith and love prompts people to wish to share their experience of the spiritual. Every loving person would wish others to share the knowledge that God loves them, and that they have divine potential.

No one is forced to accept a religion out of gratitude for services rendered. Most people who convert to another faith have genuinely had spiritual experiences, which change their heart. If you ban that, you ban people's freedom of choice.

9. Can you tell me how exactly are you going to judge 'solid faith'?
I mean seriously. You can't tell people to stop doing what they like jus b'coz you think it is wrong. Maybe you haven’t thought about it but don't you think that d people who convert from there religion put thought into their decision?
After all they leave behind all that they have believed since birth in most cases.
coz doing good always takes more effort than doing wrong.
Nobody is born with a religion
There is only 1 God who loves us unconditionally

10. Poverty begets conversion not faith when u r hungry who ever gives food first is ur religion at that moment most Christian missionaries are doing this example seventh day Adventists they r paying 900/month to every person who converts

11. Mark 16:15 to18 Jesus told his disciples to go into the world and preach the good news

12. Reward? Hm! Let me think if somebody ones to through your laptop in fire and you get to save it in the last minute, which would be your reward?


What qualities should you give importance when you choose your spouse? Do materialistic gains influence you?

I live in the Democratic Republic of India. Here we have so many laws with umpteen loopholes to circumvent it. Dowry is prohibited, but prevalent. Even highly educated and religious people bargain for it or indulge in violence over it. The aggrieved are the women folk. Should we not observe a code of conduct in the observance of marriage? I admit it is difficult; then what is the remedy?

Best Answer - Chosen By Voters

I have lived in India as a foreign student for more than six years and even married my classmate. Indians, for the most part, go for loveless arranged marriages based on narrow considerations such as caste, employment and family status, lucrative gains from the 'rishta'. You would have, unfortunately, little choice than to follow your parents choice unless u r a rebel. No code of conduct matters in such a lawless, conservative and backward country. People are still very traditional there. No wonder, the young aspire to flock to the USA , Canada, Australia etc. India is not going to change merely by passing laws when there is so much resistance to change and reform. Do you follow any of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Baba Ambedkar, Swami Dayanand, Ramakrishna and so on ? None! It will take another century before India accepts love marriages and the girl's right to inheritance. In my wife's case, her brother stole her rightful share of property. That guy even married his wife without having seen or met the girl let alone dating her! Only thing that mattered is the right caste! India shining, say the Hindutva forces


1. At the end of the day you want someone that you can share your life with................. That’s all that counts.

2. I am not familiar with your customs, but elsewhere in the world there are places where men and women choose one another freely.

They offer many reasons for such choosing. Some are better than others if you want to ensure a long and happy union.

Selecting a life-long mate is an important task, and since we are on a Religion and Spirituality question board, I am going to use some religious criteria.

A couple should be of one mind on religion, and other major life topics. Raising children, for one. Setting up a household, sharing money, joint finances, who will care for the children, who will work outside the home, things like that.

It is important the there be as little as possible to cause divisions between the two. Religion included.

The Bible speaks of avoiding the situation of being "Unequally yoked". This refers to a farming term (because the people hearing these religious words were farmers....) If you were to connect a strong animal and a weak animal to a plow, you are bound for trouble. First of all, your rows would probably not be straight, as the strong animal would pull in his/her direction. The weak animal, however, may slow the whole process down, and in effect, drag the strong animal down. The two animals may end up hurting themselves in the process, so now you have two damaged animals, neither of which can finish the job of plowing.

Unequally yoked marriages have built-in issues relating to the differences in philosophy. They are holes in the armor, and places where difficulties are prone to begin.

Love, too, should be present for a long-lasting marriage. Love is the ingredient that helps you get over the difficult times. And, there will be difficult times.

With the world beginning to recognize the women can stand alone and survive just fine, they are also beginning to recognize that women can make sound choices in selecting their mates, as well.

Some cultures profess that women are weak, and need to be cared for. People even misunderstand Christians as saying the same thing. This is untrue.

True Christianity brings women equal to men in the eyes of the Lord. In a marriage, however, the man has been deemed as the final authority when it comes to the family. This means that the man is to make the final decisions, and that the woman is to follow that decision.

It does not say that the woman is a silent partner. Women are expected to have their say, and give their opinions. Men are expected to listen well, and understand the woman's perspective.

When I teach classes on the subject, I put it this way. The women are supposed to say their piece honestly and openly. Then, the men are supposed to agonize over the decision, and make the one they truly believe is in the best interests of the family. Once the decision has been made, the family's responsibility is to follow the decision to the best of their ability.

From time the time, a man makes a bad decision. At that point it is the responsibility of the man to admit this fact, and ask forgiveness not only of God but of his wife and family as well. The wife, especially, is to be supportive and refrain from the "I told you so" type of behavior. They should work out a new plan together.

So, two people planning a marriage must consider these things, and determine if each one is compatible and ready to work as a team member

3. Look for character -- strong, independent character
Look for personality -- good and pleasing personality
Upbringing and culture
Education and grooming
Speech and action

4. What qualities are important to you? Who says you have to stay in India? Why do you condemn "freedom of expression" in one question, and then complain about having to deal with "tradition" in another?

5. I think most people think about looks, money. yes especially money be it male or female. I think ideally one should think about compatibility. I will look for honesty, dependability and intelligence.

6. No matter where Jehovah's Witnesses live, they strive to follow Bible principles, rather than cultural or religious traditions. This results in much better relationships, all the way around!

"Do not you people be owing anybody a single thing, except to love one another; for he that loves his fellowman has fulfilled [the] law. For the [law code], 'You must not: commit adultery; murder; steal; covet,' and whatever other commandment there is, is summed up in this word, namely, 'You must love your neighbor as yourself.' Love does not work evil to one’s neighbor; therefore love is the law’s fulfillment." Romans 13:8-10

What Inheritance Do You Owe Your Children?
(dowry included in discussion)

Negotiating a Reasonable Bride-Price
(includes some experiences of Jehovah's Witnesses)

What Is REALLY Needed for a Successful Marriage?

Can Money Bring You the Real Life? :
- Your Money or Your life?
- How Can You Keep a Balanced View of Money?

7. Don’t give or take, live and die for each other. If u have fallen in a vicious trap Laws are meant to be broken by the rich and powerful

8. A pleasant personality
Education and culture
Should not be an evil person
A positive attitude towards life.

9. Did you care to verify the facts rather care to understand the system, before typing the question?

The culture and the Vedic Wisdom in this great country show the way, answers every question.
"This may sound like a newly discovered concept by modern psychologists but an ancient Hindu prince known as Yudhishtira revealed this "secret" about 4000 years ago. In an episode known as Yaksha Prashna in the Aranya Parva of that great epic, the Mahabharata, a divine being challenged the prince in exile to answer some questions, satisfactory answers to which may help restore the lives of his “dead” brothers (See my book Yaksha Prashna: A Hindu Primer, Second Edition, published by Periplus Lines LLC and released by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore, April 2001). One of the questions the Yaksha asked Yudhishtira was

"kimsvin mitram grhesatah?" i.e. Who is the friend of a householder?

To which the prince answered

"bhaaryaa mitram grhesatah," i.e., the friend of a householder is his spouse.

According to Hindus, therefore, the basis for marriage is friendship and such friendship is the understanding, the promise and the commitment that unites a man and a woman. With such authority, there is then no question about the role of a woman, her importance and her position in this equation that binds them together. "
From a most widely read article written by Dr.Sheenu Srinivasan

10. I see nothing incorrect about someone who has been endowed with nice things, as long as it was legal. But to hold down someone socially because she is a female, is not only a primitive action, but a selfish one too! When we all die, it will be very hard for those with personal wealth to carry it with them. God Bless a Good heart!!

11. Well materialism has also its importance but mostly try to see if you have connection in all the moments if you get in a good communication.

12. I do not wish to hurt your feelings, but not long ago in one of your laws the wife would have been burned alive with her dead husband.
Now I am hopping and praying that most of your country's laws have been changed.
Some do get married for money and some for love. It depends on you and your partner. At the end you are the one who has to decide, to go which way.

13. Same beliefs, morals, ideas on how to raise a child, goals, like the good book says can't have two masters and mammon is not one to worship


What are the practical ways to live our life? Practical ways can mean both good and bad!

More on this question: -

I live a good life – this includes a 'good Samaritan' life too - strictly according to my conscience and thoughts. But I always land in scorched earth. Why? Does not textbook specification of good qualities in life work?

Best Answer - Chosen By Voters

One practical way to live life is to be as good as you can, while still focusing on ending physical death. I need your help! Let's get to work!


1. You have to do good things for yourself and what u believe ... if ur expecting a reward ur in for a rude awakening ...but i do think that doing good things for others generally brings good things ur way ..

2. We are evil by nature.
It is practical to pick and choose what we will honor and what we will lie, cheat and steal about. We make up own ethics as we go and call it the standard for the universe because we exalt ourselves as GOD even though we don't call it that.

That is practical and it is the social norm.
I am totally impractical. I attempt every day to use GOD's standards of ethics and morals and measure my standards to those. I fall way short. Praise Jesus who made a way to be very impractical

3. Dear create in urself confidence that whatever is with u is given by God and whatever will be with u in future, it will be with HIS blessing. He has written on ur forehead ur fortue, u just trust him and do nothing wrong which ur soul do not accept. Adopt the principle "think higher-see toward lower.

4. First up, I totally disagree with an answer above that starts saying, we are by nature evil. Imagine a just born kid being evil) It signifies heights of innocence and goodness. It is subsequent conditioning that makes us evil/bad
Coming to the question, practical ways to live life - Living it Bad way does not need an answer, I guess we all do it without any effort and so easily. Living it good way is a tough task. We need lots and lots of guidance to do that. Love everyone and yourself - I guess just following this is most practical and best way to live life King-size. Nothing else matters

5. Try living in remote village and compare with u r city life u will have the answer

6. You have to apply the process of elimination. The actions and thoughts, which do not contribute towards happiness, have to be given up. The thoughts and actions which provide happiness have to keep continue.

7. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to doing good. Sometimes, however karma (the law of cause and effect) comes to play; the effect of something you did much earlier may turn up and cause some upsets. As we move up spiritually, these 'karmic debts' tend to show up more, as in 'you have to pay up now because you are moving away from the location.' You may also need to check to see that you are making the right choices even in your 'good Samaritan' acts.

8. Live happily; help others; do not expect too much rewards over your efforts; do not have too much expectations on anything.
Reward or punishment it is only as you take it; it is internal.

8. Are you doing the "Good Samaritan" life for your own benefits or for the glory of God?

9. You live a good life. How good? People can call you a good person, but you cannot ever be called perfect. Nobody can.

Romans 3:23 - For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Have you ever said a mean word? Have you held a grudge? In that case, you are not perfect. You are a sinner.

To tell you the truth, NOBODY deserves ANYTHING! You don't even deserve your own existence. Everything we have was given to us by God. It was at first perfect, but we messed it up by breaking God's Laws.

You can never be good enough. I can never be good enough. That's why Jesus died for us. He took our sins upon Himself, because He is perfect. He died in our place, so that we might live. He also came back to life, and He wants to know you.

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."

If you "believe in Him", then you will be saved.
Think about it... it's not the "good Samaritan" life that saves. It's faith

I wish to invest in Mutual Funds. Could you suggest the best one and the plus and minus points in MF investing

I wish to invest my savings in a Mutual Fund of repute and not in the ones floated by the neorich. Please help me with your expertise.


1. Well, I'm not neorich. I've been investing in Mutual Funds since 1970. Funds of repute . . . there are about 23,000 open end mutual funds quoted in the US plus a 1,000 or so closed end funds plus about 500 exchange traded funds. In reality, no one need more than the funds offered by Fidelity or Vanguard.(each has more than 100 unique funds).

Funds are designed to be suited to each individuals situation. Since you give no details about yourself (age, income, health, goals, other investments, etc), there is little anyone can recommend to you.

Why use funds? By design the volatility of funds is managed. Steep drops in their investments is why people lose money . . . you feel you must sell at the BOTTOM.

Over the past 10 years, AMD (#2 computer chip maker) goes up or down 20% in a typical month. The Fidelity Select Electronics mutual fund (the largest technology fund) goes up and down 10% in a typical month . . .and is well ahead of AMD from 5/2/97 - 5/2/07. Thus you are more likely to continue to hold the mutual fund than the stock and benefit from its growth.


2. Look into an equity fund, these are made yup of stocks that mirror the entire stock market so it will pretty well track the market performance. Look for a no load fund.


3. Reputable would mean no sec investigations. Best place to research mutual funds would be there are a LOT of good ones and no loads (meaning no buying or selling fees) are better in the long run. I have done funds before migrating into the volatility of ETF's and enjoying better success with them overall. Good luck though


The strength and weakness of India! Respecting its limitations, your suggestions to raise it to a model State?

This question is addressed to world citizens and not to Indians alone. Please send your response.

Best Answer - Chosen By Voters

1) Nationalise all religious places.
2) No Government jobs, no reservation, no ration card, ineligibility for contesting elections or no share in the benefits of government schemes for those having more than 2 children.
3) Tax heavily on savings in absolute terms.
4) Tax benefits on expenditure.
5) Welfare and social security cover to tax payer in proportion to their contribution to exchequer.
6) Automatic license for fire arms to PAN card holders.
7) Time bound justice dispensation.
8) Limiting role of bureaurocracy to secretarial functions only.
9) Limiting the tenure of prime minister to two terms only.
10) Allowing the professionals to hold ministerial berths without compulsion to contest elections.
11) Making military training compulsory.
12) Enforcement of rule of law at all place without exception.

Strength-Hard work
Weaknes-Corruption, Population


1. Lower the population. With such a high population, your nation is doomed to having a huge poverty class.

2. Strength - People (Individually people are brilliant, high entrepreneurs, etc). Take the IT boom, without any government guidance or support, individuals have created a name for India.
Weakness - Lack of good governance and lack of vision by the rulers

3. Strengths: Blind faith in Religion, Unity in time of crises, Existence of family in our society even by adopting westernization (Most important)
Weaknesses: The illiteracy (most importantly), negative diversion of ratio in relativity of composition in every field in the society, corruption on top level, commercialisation of education & religion, Vulgarity in entertainment for trade, unclothing & using female bodies to promote trade, blind faith in Religion.

We have crossed the limits very far in most of the area. Of course we have progressed & developed but loosing our moral values.

The governing body of the Nation must make sure the 100% availability of healthy & hygienic food "the first basic right" to each of its' citizen, as this is the only the resource which brings up & maintains an developed mind in human body, which is only the organ directing & controlling human activities.

Literacy (includes education) is the resource for rise & fall of any society, which can be ascertained by an healthy mind, that to from the rising stage (from birth itself). To day most of our children are not even able to get mother milk even, because of mother not being fed all,(breakfast, lunch & diner).

Those who are, engaged with business / law / medical / education etc. in society are governed (at top) by such personnel, most of whom have no morals as they are basically illiterate, and even if some personnel with moral exists there, they are compelled to act inconsistence with the others because of our more fluctuating Democratic system. Corruption had rooted very deeply in our governing system which needs total review in such way that corruption is totality eradicated from top and from Society.

It looks easy to narrate but surely very difficult task ahead all of us. My few suggestions:
(a) Word "rights" be removed for every one, from each rules and awareness of "duty" has to be brought in each mind by performing which truly the rights of each one is protected on its' own.
(b) A Constitutional amendment be brought in constituting the basic rights "food, cloath &shelter" to each one and listing "fundamental duties" removing "fundamental rights".
(c) Voting be made an compulsory duty for all citizens (voting members), from where ever they are living.
(d) Mandatory characteristic for each political member be laid down and who fulfils these, he only be inducted in politics not any voting member of Nation.
(e) A befitting educational system for each children inducted to be compulsory upto 12th stander and admission to professional education must be on basis of performance at 10th & 12th stander.
(f) Entertainment to children (at home as well as at school) to be done away with commercialisation and it must be based to build up moral with entertaining.

Many more thing are there could be listed but if useful!

4. Strength: Intelligent, Talented and hardworking- human force.

Weakness: Lack of leadership towards utilisation of above resources.

HRD ministry should work towards tapping countries potential for all segments of trade and industry rather than stay put with reservations for creamy layer rather than deserving.

India with such vast resources bleeds because a select few try to corner all available roles and pose as know all and there are no systems to utilise subject experts. This single act immensely harms any development and growth.

5. First, system of Presidential type may be adopted as there is rampant privatisation. Public enterprises are vanishing from the scene of economy. Private enterprises are dominating the market forces. Socialistic pattern is vanishing from our constitution. The features of capitalism are surfacing. So presidential system is suitable for the country and then it will become strong and reforms will be implemented true to its spirit because there is one strong person at the helm. Then it will become model state.

6. Strength of India, intelligence, hard work & manpower. The weakness is low percentage of education, poverty becoz of population, & non efficient govt & its policy.
For raising it to a model state, many changes to do first educate the 100%, & second control the birth rate.

7. You start with Rome and the USA. Then add and write into the constitution those thing that have proved to be conducive to a corrupt society, militarism and campaign contributions.
Use the computer and the Internet to modernize the society, education and health. Include in the Constitution measures to limit monopolies and media concentration.
Because of the example of the USA, its success and its failures, the knowledge is there, the political will may not be.

8. Strengths:- Vast area ,good climate in most of the days, mineral wealth, soft nature of the people, limited basic needs, adaptability.

Weakness:- Social inequality, cunningness of upper class particularly among educated bureaucrats and judiciary, lack of education, superstition and population explosion

1. Free education 2. Work for the poor to earn daily livelihood 3. Social equality in temples and places of worship
4.50% jobs, ruling positions to women 5.Equal share in ancestral wealth to women 6. Opportunities to easy divorce settlement and remarriage & public child care units for all children. 7. Infrastructural developments evened out to all states 8. Proper pricing for agricultural products 9. Industrial growth

9. Strength of India is flexible constituency- police and judiciary. Weakness is corruption
1) It all happens because Police force is put under politicians. They will use excessive force or not at all depending upon views of existing Govt.. If police are made to report to impartial Professional Committee such behaviour could be eliminated
2) In the constitution, fair justice to all is guaranteed .In order to achieve this no time frame is mentioned. Secondly, Judiciary involves judges, lawyers and their clients. which are part of society. Whatever good or bad things are in society, are reflected in the above mentioned parts. We can not single out any one part to blame

10. Strength- Honesty ,cultural heritage n Geographical locationLimitations- Inertia, Religions, Caste System

I wish to invest in Mutual Funds. Could you suggest the best one and the plus and minus points in MF investing.

More about the question: -

I wish to invest my savings in a Mutual Fund of repute and not in the ones floated by the neorich. Please help me with your expertise


1. Start by reading about Mutual Fund Investment basics. Once you read through 4-5 chapters (usually, not more than 1-2 pages max), you will feel better and will be able to understand more and move on to the next step, which is

What risk tolerance you have and which time horizon/how long you are willing to bet your money for

Remember one thing: you are entrusting your money to someone that you think/other folks think/perceive is going to do a good job of investing your money.

You can easily do what any other mutual fund does by investing your money yourself.

Not only you acquire an excellent and worthy experience, you will be forced to learn and understand more.

Don't believe at once what other people tell you about mutual fund investing. It is an industry gimmick designed for people such as ourselves to drain more money from and hopefully, make money.

The funny thing is the primary motto all of the funds will you:
a/ your money is NOT guaranteed (technically meaning 100% risk)
b/past performance of a mutual fund is not a guarantee of future results (technically saying that really, if we did well, that does not mean a hill of beans that we will do so again)

Just think about all of this... and always keep those things in mind.

2. Be involved with your money. The primary motto of mutual funds is also "your involvement with your invested money". The idea is that you are supposed to "give your funds away and let the "guru" manage it". Well, that's kind of stupid - don't you think? You work hard for your money - so hard that you are willing to entrust most of it to somebody and cross your fingers? Hope that gives you some serious thoughts..

3. Find the funds you're comfortable with that pay the highest 5 year return. Thats a good starting point. Check the fees, call a broker or email the fund manager and ask them to explain how the fees work b/c it can get confusing, mainly they charge a fee either when you buy or when you sell, but they can also 'adjust' the stock price (by decreasing the rate of increase) and 'skim' off the top.

4. This depends on how much you know about investing, how involved you will be and how risky are you willing to be.

If you just want to put your money is a fund that won't make the most money and won't lose the most money, I would recommend some of the huge fund families such as American Funds or Fidelity.

If you want to be more informed and have specific ways you want your money invested, I would recommend working with a Financial Advisor.

5. To find the best one go to the site find out the rank of MF's rank 1 means it is the best.
2. Track that MF and find the fund manager.
3. Find the history of the fund manager and the funds he has managed in the past
4. Find the growth of those funds
all these can be done with the help of

MF's generally invest ur money in different companies and get the return which then is passed on to u. The return depends upon of those companies and the fluctuations in the financial market and affects ur return accordingly.

My suggestion is invest monthly basis (SIP ) i.e systematic investment plan in 5 or 6 different good MF through ur bank like icici and uti for which u need to open an DEMAT account

6. For suggesting any meaningful answer to your question, certain other details are necessary such as your amount of investment, time horizon, your current income from pension, investments etc, your family financial obligations.......etc.

However, assess yourself and based on your amount, time factor, risk appetite, financial obligations, return periodicity etc. you may have options, among others and divide your total investments in more than two options for possibility of better combined returns:

1. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) offers 9% interest payable quarterly - offered by Post Offices and many leading banks like SBI, ICICI.

2. Investment in select blue chip companies' shares. In view of the long-term economy boom, they are good options for high returns with minimal risk. I personally feel this as a better option than investing in Mutual Funds.

3. Bank FDs. Some banks are offering 10.5% to 11% to senior citizens for 3+ years deposits.

4. Kisan Vikas Patra by Post Offices.

5. Real estate if you have enough funds.

6. Something in pure 24 carat Gold, no ornaments

4. Safe,, as in principal being guaranteed,, means get a CD,, you'll earn over 5% with no risk.

5. A CD sounds like a good idea, since it seems to be a bit too late to start a long-term investment.

6. Think the safe and the best for u at the moment is F.D, But I suggest u to go for for mutual fund on mid cap with part of your money which can give u nearly 20% intrest

7. First, I'd like to say that one could HARDLY find a good answer among the crowd, because most people are lost as to how to invest and/or protect their assets.

You don't mention your age, the size of your assets or your risk tolerance, but I will assume that: 1) you are not too old 2) you have enough for a couple of small property down payments, at least, and 3) you are asking this question because you don't want to incur in high risks. That said, I could go and tell you my opinion.

Savings accounts, CD's and bonds aren't much useful, because annual yields don't even match inflation rates.

After trading stocks, options and other financial instruments I am convinced that they are not a good option for senior people in need of safe, easy and tax-convenient decisions for their retirement.

Mutual funds claim big gains, but that is true only when markets are easy and irrationally bullish. Give them a bit of red markets and they easily go from +20% to -60%. Also, the higher the performance, the higher the risks they take, and you are asking for a safe investment. You can lose money by yourself, so why pay someone else to lose money for you?

The safest, simplest and most satisfactory investment I would think of, which is also inflation-resistant and sometimes includes tax advantages, is ACQUIRING RENTAL PROPERTY at the cheapest price possible.

This kind of investment is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from speculative buying/selling, which involves buying property at any price with the HOPE of selling it later at a gain. True investments must not rely on hope, but in a careful plan to obtain consistent gains.

Investing safely in rental property involves knowing well your local market, finding desirable, low-priced properties and carefully calculating rental net operating income (NOI). And carefully means reaaaally carefully, including all expenses, repairs, taxes, closing costs, administration costs, loan interests, etc. Good books are available everywhere, but I used Summey and Dawson's.

Finding properties with optimal NOI and start making money is only matter of discipline, a few weekends and a commitment not to make impulsive decisions.


About the risks of stocks:
About investing in rental property:
Summey and Dawson's "The Weekend Millionaire's Secrets to Investing in Real Estate: How to Become Wealthy in Your Spare Time"

8. The best way to invest today is mutual funds.u can very well invest in LIC policies for senior citizens, which provides u with cash on hands for every months that will help u independent on children’s it really works on my granny who has done so.

9. I would try Franklin Templeton. You may want to see if the is a investor in where you live. Sometimes Credit Union is better then banks but like everything else you need to do your homework.

10. Invest in your family....
Fill them in about the life u have lived...the mistakes u made....and all of the lessons u have learned. Teach them to save their money....spend wisely....yet give generously of their time/energy to those less fortunate. Tell them that vanity is for fools...and having faith in God is pretty much all you need.

11. Bonds-That’s the catchword.

As you are of a certain age, safe investment with moderate returns is better than unsafe investment with high returns.

I suggest find some good bonds to investment-talk to friends, contact an investment firm, talk to some financial adviser....

Also make sure your insurance-health, property etc. are upto date and make sure they have greater cover.

12. If you make an inquiry you will find many mutual fund companies are now a days offering guaranteed money backs with handsome interest rates in mutual funds. These rates are more than what bank FD offers yet its guaranteed.
Also in accordance you can plan your time period of investments from around 3-6 or even 10 years.

13. Hi there. I think it’s great that you’re looking to invest your savings. I was curious if you’ve put any thought to what might happen to your savings if you eventually need to move into a nursing home. Most people assume if they need to move into a nursing facility for any length of time, Medicare will cover it, but this is not true. And this is how people lose all their savings. In order to qualify for Medicare, you need to have a very low income and close to no assets or resources. If you have a savings or assets, you’ll have to use them all to pay for your care before you can qualify for Medicaid. What I’m getting at is this: if you’re an elderly individual, you need to be thinking in a broader sense. At this point, it’s not just about getting a return on your investment. It’s also about protecting your money and assets so you don’t lose them all at some point down the road.

Medicaid looks back over the five years prior to applying for the assistance to make sure you didn’t move around your assets to appear low-income. If you do this before the five year mark, however, you are in the clear. You’ll be able to qualify for Medicaid and hold onto the bulk of your money and resources. The best way to do this is to put your money and home into a Medicaid Trust. This is an irrevocable trust that protects your assets from creditors, transfers to your beneficiaries when you pass and avoids probate (exhausting legal proceedings) when it transfers.
14. I recommend consulting an elder law attorney or a financial planner. Ideally, you want to not only see your money grow, but protect it from being exhausted by unforeseeable events

List of leading world publishers and what steps one should take to get one’s work published?

I am at the final stage of completing a book titled "Print-outs …….. mind". The contents have won admiration from many. I want to get the book published. Could you kindly advise me step by step of the proper presentation of the manuscript to the publishers for approval? I will ever be grateful to you for your advice.

Best Answer - Chosen By Voters

The first step would be to complete it and edit it to the best of your ability. No publisher will take a chance on an unknown fiction writer without a completed manuscript.

The second step would be to lose your devotion to the current title. Publishers will often change the titles of novels to things they think will sell better. This and cover art are things you have no control over.

As far as novels go, different publishers specialize in different things, and fiction is a broad word. If you try to sell a fantasy novel to a publisher that only works with romance, you are going to get a rejection no matter how good your writing is. There are some smaller presses that will look at unagented material, but none of the bigger ones will.

So do your homework. Take a look at the most recent "Writer's Market"... or even better, try the "Guide to Literary Agents".

I absolutely suggest getting an agent instead of approaching publishers directly. I'm assuming you are not a contract attorney, so you will need someone to look over any offers and to guide you through the publishing world.

Also, you will not be sending your manuscript to agents unsolicited! Send them a query letter and see if they ask to see a partial, then a full. If you send the whole thing, it will just get you a form rejection letter. Research each agent's specific submission guidelines and follow their rules! Use 12 pt. Times New Roman, with one inch margins all around if they do not specify. Single-space your query letter (with an extra space between the paragraphs) and double space sample pages or manuscript pages if they are requested.

No publisher or agent should charge you any money up front! That is the sign of a scam! They make money by selling your book.

Here are five websites that can help. Read them thoroughly (especially Miss Snark-- love her!) and research, research, research!

And be warned of the people on this list:

You will face a lot of rejection, but if you really want this then keep at it! Work hard, and good luck!


1. Get The Writer's Almanac from your library -- all your questions will be answered.

2. All great info above but I would add - Join a writers group who are dedicated to helping each other grow, polishing their work and developing superior writing skills.
This is good for putting a polished offering in front of the publisher and for networking to find places that are accepting submissions in your genre or interest.

3. Your local library should have a copy of the 2007 _______Writer's Market. There are many different versions (e.g. Children's Books, Novels & Short Stories, Mystery, etc.) Find the one that comes closest to your category. It not only includes advice on how to put your work together for the best presentation, but also advises you on who will accept submissions, submission guidelines (which vary by publisher) and what different publishers are looking for, so you don't waste time sending out manuscripts to the wrong places

How do you portray a person who leaves his/her craving LOVE and run after other contributory or selfish gains?

More on this question: -

I can cite many instances of love being torn apart on various grounds such as materialistic gains, caste, religion and region, good looks, parental pressure etc. Very seldom the person invokes empathy on the shattering mental impact left on the affected. While the victim actually benefits from the release of life tied to an unsteady soul for life, the agony of separation is likely to leave a lifetime scar on the affected. In this context how do you define one such person?


In today’s materialistic world the importance of LOVE has diminished to the extend you find it only in few romantic novels, poems, epics, stories & typical TV serials only. The institution of marriage is nothing but institution of family trading where some one purchases & some one sells, high class banquet halls, farmhouses, various diplomatic & stared hotels, luxury cars, imported flower arrangement, diamond & golden ornaments, high class social gathering, foreigner dancing troupes, high class music system & musicians, along with mixture of traditional uttan & mendhi ceremonies, bachelor's party & ladies sangeet, inclusion of movie , TV & stage actors & what not. Prior dowry settlement, demands as well offers. High class astrologers matching & fixing janam kundlis & tawas according to stars positions, charging high rates. Family pundit jee being pampered during each ever marriage function. Relatives & friends getting more then their dues in each & every family function, eager to wear traditional Rajasthan pugris to remain in lime light during the main marriage function. In this shinny atmosphere you want to search the LOVE. Even if by mistake any of them bride or groom had an affair with some one else that person is picked & thrown out as a fly from the cup of tea. This all happens prior or at the time of marriage but incase some one gets a chance to do so after his/her marriage due to family pressure to dump the previous spouse & go ahead with an new match, he or she won’t mind as what all they had dreamed once could not be fulfilled but now a second chance is there for them to have it. If you may be gaining in crores & few lakhs you have to pay for previous life partner to get dissolution of the marriage nothing wrong in such a trade. What about the sentiments, love. affection, "who cares" let some author write a story for TV serial out of it all typical ladies in Indian homes love such stories. As far defining such a person is concerned, no definition can be given as all are same when it comes to making money is concerned, never compare love with money as latter is always far much stronger then prior. Some may call such person cheat, bewafa, mutlabi, fraud & what not, but tell me who cares!

Best answer (2)

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Dear never try to see only one side of coin. For ex. If a person is in love with somebody do u think he should carry it even if he is under parental pressure my answer he should not carry it and both of person in relationship should understand with one person have no right to hurt love and emotions of many around u .that to ,of people like parents. Though agony of sepration leaves a scar on effected, but agony is more and deep because they were not practical during relationship and mere emotions in any relation ship pays off bad


1. Let them do, what they want.
Please you don’t do these things.

2. One word definition as "selfish"!

3. If the person leaves his or her love for financial benefits then surely is immature since he or she does not know that at a later stage in life, after retirement, would be completely alone with none to support.

If for reasons like he or she does not have a good body, that's quiet inhumane.

Parental pressure actually compels the person to think whom does he or she love more and what would be the ideal thing to do. This has more to do with morality.

But I believe consciously or unconsciously the one who leaves also suffers since he or she loved not without cause.

4. Do people really give up those whom they love for materialistic gains or for more superficial things? No. Because those people don’t really love anyone, they can’t love really love anyone ever unless they shed their selfishness. Such people are not capable of loyalty. They are selfish and cowardly besides being stupid. They lack the basic integrity of character. Shame on such people! Such people are actually cheating their own happiness out of ignorance while they may think that they are pursuing it. Truly speaking I have seldom seen such people happy, content or at peace with themselves.

5. Are you sure that what u r citing is love and not merely a fling or infatuation???

6. If you look animals, do you find any relationship between them. Are they doing any thing innovative in their life? What you enjoy on this planet in the name of science including this beautiful yahoo answering session all are based on the relationships we have created.

7. It depends on the circumstances she/he is facing. Sometimes one has to put others before self.

8. It is very difficult to judge a person. A Hindi song is there.(matalab ke a duniya sari yeha koye kese ka yar nehi kse ko sucha payar nehi.) Sorry its my opinion.

9. Here let me say something.. it might not make any sense to you.. But I completely believe in it...
“If you love something, set it free.
if it comes back, it was and will always be yours,
if it never returns it was never yours to begin with”.

See now if da person leaves and doesn’t return.. 4get it he didn’t deserve u. He didn’t deserve ur love...but if he returns give him a chance and believe,... me .. u'll never get to see happier people than u and dat guy......

10. That is life and I think she is just materialistic moreover "Love can't keep us alive" can it?

11. Love is a lovely affair. It is gift of god. If anyone hurts it, he/she has to pay.
If your sacrificing ur love for good/healthy reasons then u are great. u will get reward from god.
If u are ditching ur love for filthy reasons then just imagine what god will do..
“uske lathi me awaj bhi nahin hoti”. Not a word to describe..

12. I will call him/her a cheat, "Bewafa"


14. There can be several reasons why a person would allow himself or herself to be moved by such pressure for example religion or family. I have moved from US to Sweden and married an Iranian. The cultural differences have been so hard. My family hates me etc...... While being in Sweden I have heard of many people who love each other very much get torn apart by their families because of caste or religion or whatever. Some have even been killed or beaten into leaving of course if they have been killed then they left involuntarily. But family pressure can have a very pronounced effect on a person and if the family is very strict the person that left would not show remorse in front of anyone because then it would show to the family or the families friends that that person still cared about the other and then the family would put more pressure on the that left.
As for leaving for materialistic gains or good looks or cheating then they were not worth your time. I know that there are religions out there that discourage women/ men not to marry someone that is not in the same league as they are example if one family is rich and the other poor. The poor ones family would definitely encourage the poor one to get married it would help that family especially if there is a dowry involved(payment to the family for the bride) If the rich one thought that is the only reason they are getting married then they would definitely discourage them not to get married.
I am sorry if something like this has happened to you and it takes very strong people to say no to a family but if it happened to you then you are worth more than they are saying or doing to you

15. I describe the person who is left, depressed, deprived, soul tied, angry, hurting, wanting approval and acceptance, wanting to hurt someone else in the way that they were hurt, wanting to get back at the world for what has been done to them, unforgiving, victims, hopeless, and more than anything a basket case. Been there, done that don't want to go back to that hurtful place.

The person that left is simply a selfish bastard

16. Stupid

17. Cheaters are people that has to be punished and has to be tied up to GODS HANDS so that they will never ever hurt anyone

18. A coward.

19. In one word, CRAZY

20. It's not your place to judge a person, first of all. Secondly, maybe this person just didn't like you as much as you liked them. Since when is being happy a selfish/contributory act? Get over it and move on. You shouldn't just pigeon hole someone to make yourself feel less hurt.